Bernd Bergkemper Sculptor

Sculpture and Abstraction

skulptur_und_abstraktion_homeAgain and again, the source of inspiration for Bernd Bergkemper‘s artistry are animals. Having extensively studied their unique features feline predators, bears, owls, bulls, and gorillas emerge.

Besides bronze, he favours black diabase, a hard subvolcanic rock, as working materials.

His formation is consciously ascetic and confined to the essentials.

In a masterly carved out interaction between evenly polished and matt surfaces, accented by expressive lines, the characteristics of each creature become obvious. Snapshots arise of smooth and yet powerful movements, that invite the viewer to a groping understanding.

An additional challenge for the artist are the small and large-sized geometrical shapes that emerged during the last years. Here, a traditional choice of materials meets long-established ways of operation and craftsmanship. In his very own and plain form language, he creates abstract objects of immense aesthetics and expressive power emerge.

Bernd Bergkemper stays confidently true to his principle to preserve the specific qualities of stone, bronze, or wood clearly noticeable. Be it animal sculptures or geometrical shapes, be it abstract or realistic depiction.


skulptur_und_abstraktion_home All art is an abstraction to some degree: in sculpture the material alone

forces one away from pure representation and towards abstraction.skulptur_und_abstraktion_home

Henry Moore, 1959

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