Bernd Bergkemper Sculptor

Bernd Bergkemper's Studio

Past first sculptures, one reaches Bernd Bergkemper‘s atelier over which an old oak tree protectively spreads its branches. Surrounded by a special atmosphere, one enters a realm of past and present. Through large roof windows a broad daylight illuminates the considerable collection of the artist‘s works. Alongside a number of plaster models prepared for later works and the “Sumowrestler” packed for transport, goes the path to the scene of event.

The work on the sculptures resembles an involvement with the world, with reality, and with oneself and the material. Out of bronze and stone, shapes arise that through the work with specific details assume their stature. Initially, original-size models out of clay or plaster are manufactured. With special equipment, these model proportions are transferred to the block of stone out of which the sculptures arise. And as it is the case since centuries, one becomes aware of the fact that physical force and the stone carver‘s instruments are necessary to build creatures, human beings and abstract shapes out of stone. The case is slightly different with bronze sculptures that need pass the foundry before undergoing the last manual processing.


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